Power Factor Training

TWO TRAINING VIDEOS AVAILABLE (in addition to the content on this site):
-Short Power Factor Explanation Video
-Basic Power Factor Video
(watch the clip below)

-Easy to Understand
-Great for Managers, non-EEs and "Newbie" EEs
-Clearly Explains the Difference Between REAL and REACTIVE Power
-No Meaningless Analogies...An Accurate Description of What is Occurring
-Enables You to Correctly Explain this to Others
-A Valuable Tool for only $49.95 "Continue"

This video is well organized, has a well coordinated progression and you can back up to any point and repeat material.
Approximately 45 minutes and 75 MB, MP4 format.
You'll soon have a good understanding of:
- the Terminology (VARs, Real Power, Reactive Power, etc.)
- the Power Triangle and how to apply it
- Correction Capacitors: how, where and when to use them
- what are Leading and Lagging PFs?
- Why the current rises with lower PF?
- What can be done about it?
- What are the power consumption issues?
- and the Economics (Energy, Reactive Demand Penalties and Equipment Utilization)
- Presented in small steps so you don't get left behind.
"...you closed the loop nicely to give a clear and concise explanation of the subject. I found it very easy to watch, not dry at all...well executed."
Bob Hulse, Eaton Electrical Services

-You'll also receive the Short Power Factor Explanation with this purchase (we suggest you view this first).
-A Reference for the Rest of Your Life for only $199.95 "Continue"

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-We can tell you How Much Capacitance to Add if you know your PF and either, KW or KVA and would like to know how much improvement in PF you will achieve by adding various amounts of capacitance.

-We can provide you with a Purchase Specification for a Capacitor Bank.

-We can provide you with a List of PF Correction Capacitor Suppliers.

-We can provide you with a List of PF Metering Equipment Suppliers.

-We can provide you with a List of Engineering Firms to Perform Power Quality Analyses.

-We can provide you with a personal Presentation on Power Factor and Reactive Power.