Basic Power Factor Video

This video is well organized, has a well coordinated progression and you can back up to any point and repeat material.
The Basic Power Factor Video is approximately 45 minutes in MP4 format.

In less than an hour you'll understand:
- the Terminology (VARs, Reactive Power, etc.)
- the Power Triangle
- Correction Capacitors: how, where and when to use them
- what are Leading and Lagging PFs?
- Why the current rises with lower PF?
- What are the considerations of the higher currents?
- Why is this happening and what can be done about it?
- and the Economics (Energy Savings, Excess Reactive Demand Penalties from the Utility, and Equipment Capacity Issues (transformers, cables, etc.)

The explanations in the full version make it easy to understand. It walks you through in small steps so you don't get left behind.

" closed the loop nicely to give a clear and concise explanation of the subject. I found it very easy to watch, not dry at all...well executed."
Bob Hulse, Eaton Electrical Services


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Approx. 75 MB
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